“Words cannot describe how unique and powerful Karen’s Reiki sessions are.  I’ve tried a few Reiki hands here and there and found many to lack Karen’s amazing ability of intense Reiki.  Her hands are hot hot hot!  In fact, so hot that my last Reiki session with her I thought my blood vessels in my head was burning on fire.  That recent session was an interesting session.  In short, it felt like heat radiating throughout the area plus and additional stream of heat which flowed through specific areas of my head.  What’s so great about Karen is that she ensures that all areas of the body is treated and even does a short meditation prayer to receive messages from her guides about what needs to be told to the patient.  Her combination of crystal healing and affordable rates are also amongst the best out there.  Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on Karen’s Reiki treatments.”

San Francisco, CA

Hi Karen. I just wanted to say that I’m doing much better. I think the tibetan bowls are helping my cancer. I wake up energized instead of tired, feel good, more relaxed throughout the day, and just feel happy to be alive! I can hardly feel the pain in my back anymore! I know we are not done with the tibetan bowl cancer treatments, but wanted to let you know how I felt.”

Concord, CA

“Thank you Karen for all the distant Reiki you have given to my 5 year old autistic child. After 5 distant sessions with you, he is doing much better. At first, I was skeptical, thinking distant healing wouldn’t work. But, distant does work and FAST! I feel blessed to have found you and I’m going to refer anybody I know who has an autistic child!”

Los Angeles, CA

“I’m so glad Karen makes outcalls to homes now. My mother has cancer and it’s hard for her to travel, because of her arthritis pain. Karen came to my mother’s house (paid the outcall service fee, which is extra) and basically healed my mother. She’s not completely healed, but my mother can’t believe how good she feels after one session! We’re having Karen come to my mother’s house every week for a healing. She is a life saver!”

Santa Rosa, CA.

“I had a Tibetan Bowl Healing with Karen…OMG…this was amazing!!  Especially when she put the Tibetan bowl on my back…this was HEAVEN.  The sound is powerful, healing and relaxing!!  I was in heaven for sure for 1 hour today!!

OH MY GOD!!  This was amazing 1 hour in heaven!!”

Thank you Karen!!  I want more of this!!

Walnut Creek, CA.

“Karen is a natural born Healer.  I have had pain in my left knee for a few years.  It comes and goes.  I have tried so many different healing methods.  After having a Reiki Healing with Karen, I felt like I had lost 20 years.  I felt so invigorated and my knee pain was gone.  I love that she uses different healing crystals and explains what they are for and why she chooses certain ones.  I was in a state of peace and tranquility.  I didn’t want the session to come to an end.  I felt sincere love and compassion with Karen’s touch.  I look forward to having sessions with Karen.  Thank you.”


Pleasant Hill, CA

“The Reiki session I attended really helped me out a lot.  I was stressed with work, school and the holidays.  Yet as I walked away from my appointment, I noticed a smile on my face and a new bounce in my step.  I could even sleep better that night and for several nights after!  I felt more energized and centered and I have ever been able to focus better.  Karen took her time and even introduced crystals to the session.  I would recommend her services to anyone wanting to feel more at peace!”

Pleasanton, CA

“Karen, I just first would like to thank you for introducing me to the healing with Tibetan Bowls.  I felt like the healing was so powerful and relaxing.  Since the healing, I have experienced less back pain, great nights of sleep and less stress.  I have actually been extra happy and have had some great news in the past week or so.  Not sure if the healing has something to do with the raise of pay from work or my new found love interest, but I know that my life in general has improved after having the healing.  While the healing was performed, the sound of the bowls was very calming.  It was like music to my ears, which put me in such deep relaxation, that I actually feel asleep.  I do believe that if I continue to get the bowl healing, I will experience more rewards.  I would recommend this to anyone that has body aches, high stress, and  negative thoughts.  It really helped!  Thank you Karen.”

San Leandro, CA

“Hi Karen.  I’m just letting you know that the last three nights I’ve slept very soundly.  Sometimes I have trouble staying asleep.  Of course, I can’t swear it’s because of the Tibetan Bowls, but it’s certainly coincidental. “

Alamo, CA

“Karen, thank you again for the distant healing I received.  I felt a sense of deep peace from the start.  As you worked on me, I felt tingling sensations and warmth up and down the left side of my body.  Thank you for your time and words of wisdom.”

Sunnyvale, CA

“Reiki was unknown to me before I saw Karen.  Not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised by this serene lady.  An hour of complete relaxation and calming music and odors.  If you are nervous in your daily life, visit Karen and her Reiki technique.  You will enjoy it.”

Pleasant Hill, CA

“My experience with the tibetan bowls was nothing short of amazing!  When I arrived at the office, Karen was quick to meet me and explained how the process would work and was great at answering all my questions about the healing.  During the session, I was asked to turn over.  I thought that might take me out of my senses of calm, but Karen made the transition very easy and calming.  Once the bowls were placed on my back and legs, I could feel the vibrations from the tones engulfing my body.  It was like a less invasive massage, almost as if water was washing over my body.  The bowl vibrations were also creating a warming sensation on my body that was also very relaxing.  After the session,  I was extremely calm.  I had a slight sinus headache when I started the session and now it’s gone!  Karen was great.  I recommend her to anyone looking for a great way to create peace in your day.  I will definitely be back again.”

Pleasanton, CA

“I went to see Karen stressed out and feeling tense.  I had a wonderful experience with my first Reiki session and I’m definitely going to go again.  When I left, I felt relaxed and at peace with myself.  I recommend Reiki for anyone that needs to feel tension lifted and stress wash away.  Thank you Karen for such a wonderful introduction to Reiki.”

Concord, CA

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